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Coffee Break - Opal & Oak Occasions
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Coffee Break

This is us!

It’s finally happening, we’ve jumped on the blog train (one year later), shocking we know. We’ve been talking about taking this leap with our business for awhile now and I guess there’s no better time to dive in head first, so we’d love to tell you some fun facts about us. As we’re sure you can tell we are Calgary event planners but we specialize in Day of Coordination and reducing any and all stress for you that may exist on your wedding day. You can read a little more about our company here and check out our IG page here.

So obviously, we’re Ashley & Jess and together we make up Opal & Oak Occasions. If you’re wondering how this company came about, let us tell you! We surprised ourselves by jumping head first into the event planning scene here in Calgary and surrounding area ( #hustle ). We both LOVE planning, attending and coordinating events. Call it our personalities, call it our type A nurse brains 😉 We love everything to do with organizing & planning. We both work part time in the hospital as RNs and in fact that is how we met… nursing school and we’ve been friends ever since. Our company was born over a coffee at Starbucks and a priceless friendship.

As promised above, here are some fun facts to get to know us!

  1. Ash works at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Jess works at Foothills Medical Center, both of us love our jobs and the work we get to do.
  2. We both LOVE to travel, it’s definitely both of our favourite things.
  3. Ash speaks fluent french and did french immersion growing up.
  4. Jess loves to cook and try new recipes.
  5. We both love hosting friends & family for different occasions throughout the year (surprise, more planning opportunities).
  6. Ash’s first job was as a swim instructor, Jess’ was as a gymnastic coach
  7. We both are obsessed with local goods and supporting small businesses.
  8. Ash is a coffee fanatic (guilty pleasure) and Jess loves a good cup of tea.
  9. Our favourite guilty pleasures on the TV are Greys Anatomy for Ash and Big Brother for Jess, anybody else?
  10. We both LOVE the holidays, Christmas being Ash’s favourite and Halloween is for sure Jess’. We love to decorate, spend time with friends & family, eat all the treats and everything else that comes with the holidays!

Thanks for tuning in and we can’t wait to meet you!